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Whispering Winds in Howard makes our family feel that our Mom is well cared for.  The staff truly treat the residents as they would their own families on a personal and professional level.  Mom especially enjoys the clean and comfortable environment she now calls home, not to mention the good food, and many activities offered.  The community of Howard is lucky to have such a wonderful, family-owned assisted living center.


/ BO


Watching my in-laws/parents make the decision to move from their lifelong home was hard; it was emotional – all of their family memories were made in that home.
Knowing they made the decision to move to Whispering Winds Assisted Living was comforting, as we knew mom and dad have a great team of family members and staff assisting them.
Whispering Winds is owned and operated by one of the most caring families in South Dakota. They are caring, compassionate, responsible, and most of all they treat everyone as if they are part of their family.  Our loved ones are in good hands because of their great hearts!


/ TP


“Really just down the road from home” was the comment my dad shared with me after moving to Whispering Winds Senior Living.  Being close to his farm home, his family and friends, his church and all that was familiar to him was a huge help in getting comfortable with this life change.  Not only were the staff members kind, caring and professional – they could even pronounce his name.  They recognized members of his family and helped him preserve his lifestyle as much as possible.
This experience was repeated when my in-laws later made Whispering Winds their home.  Visits by family and friends are critical to maintaining a quality of life – the social activities and friendships established in this new environment add to good lives lived well.  Visits from child care and other youth groups as well as having church and civic group meetings on location on occasion are so vital to individuals who spent a lifetime supporting these concerns.
I am personally grateful that Whispering Winds is here in our community enabling us to protect and to continue to nurture the great human and emotional assets these individuals are to so many!


/ KC

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